2020 Mini Cooper SE Is a Nice Little EV Commuter

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2020 Mini Cooper SE Is a Nice Little EV Commuter

If there’s one faithful following of an automotive brand predisposed to broadly embrace the EV, its probably the Cooper crowd. The puckish, bright little car attracts a particularly free-thinking consumer.

So it wasn’t surprising when a company spokesperson told a German newspaper this summer that Mini has received tens of thousands of communications from customers interested in the EV Cooper SE that appeared in the flesh earlier in the year.

Well, the EV didn’t make it in time for the holiday season, which is a shame; even without a bow it looks like a whopping great gift. But Mini has opened the order books for the first model year of the electric Cooper SE, and the 2020 will see delivery in the U.S. toward the end of next year.

The range is 110 miles, which is more than enough for out-and-about weekends and weekday commuting. LED headlamps and digital instruments are also standard, as is an infotainment system with a 6.5” screen and Apple CarPlay.

The price is as appealing as the savings at the pump enjoyed by drivers of the timelessly styled car: Mini brought it in at just under the $30K mark.