Ultimate Toys - Introducing A Game Changer Luxury RV

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Ultimate Toys - Introducing A Game Changer Luxury RV

Back in 2017, serial entrepreneur, Gary Green and his son, Josh started Ultimate Toys as the solution to a problem they encountered. Green grew tired of the amount of time and cost that went into maintaining his 45′ high-end luxury bus that was converted into an RV. “It was beautiful, but a real aggravation when something broke. It was always hard to find someone to make the repairs who had the knowledge and expertise to work on such complicated systems”, Green said.

After ten years of ownership, Green decided it was time to downsize and find something far more manageable, so he started looking for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a floorplan that fit his needs. After months of research, it was clear to Green there was nothing on the market that would work for him or was of the quality that he demanded coming out of a $2,000,000 bus. Armed with his knowledge and experience in developing dozens of businesses both on a local and international level, Ultimate Toys was born. With Ultimate Toys and their new Ultimate RV, Green created a real game-changer by offering a unique design using the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. In just 2 short years, the Greens now operates one of America’s largest distributorship of custom Sprinters making their exclusive floorplans available through a national network of auto dealers and direct to consumers who want to bypass the middleman.

What makes the Ultimate RV a game-changer you may ask? Until now, most Sprinter conversions have been designed purely for 2 people who want to camp – pretty much making it non-functional for any other purpose. Green’s Ultimate RV has changed that and was built with pure style and quality in mind – quickly becoming known as “Best in Class.” This multi-functional floorplan is jampacked with amenities that allow you to use it for almost any purpose imaginable – family vacations, tailgating at sporting events, and within seconds it turns into a grand limo configuration making it perfect for a night out on the town or entertaining clients. The Ultimate RV offers all the creature comforts of a traditional RV but seats up to 9 adults in pure comfort. It’s easy to drive, serviceable anywhere and custom-built to the same standards as you’d expect in a luxury vehicle. Green has each Sprinter built from the ground up using hand-stitched interiors, real woodwork, and the most up-to-date electronics. As Green says, “You won’t find better quality or a more practical Sprinter on the market.”

Best yet, unlike the others where the bathroom and galley crowd the center of the vehicle, the Ultimate RV is unique – it’s the only US-built configuration where a full bathroom is located in the back. Simply close the door at the rear of the seating area and you won’t even know it’s an RV. But, open the door and it leads to everything you’d expect in an RV. You’ll find a full galley, bathroom complete with shower, two sinks and more storage than you’ll find anywhere else.

But the amenities don’t stop there. Three distinct heating/air conditioning systems add to the comfort of the Ultimate RV; ensuring a comfortable climate no matter where the road takes you. Two comfortable couches that turn into an oversized bed within seconds and wireless WIFI so you can watch your favorite movies, sports, live TV or even play video games on the Apple TV. When it comes time to relax, there’s even a power awning that opens at a push of a button with a built-in tailgating package allowing you easily to set up a large screen TV outside creating the perfect setting for tailgating or entertaining. The Ultimate RV is truly a one-of-a-kind experience not offered by anyone except Ultimate Toys.

Even Better. Take advantage of Ultimate Toys RentMySprinter.com program and you may be able to own your very own Sprinter for free by renting it out only 3-4 days a month. Take advantage of the new tax laws and you’ll find the price of this incredible vehicle can cost less than most luxury SUVs.

Are you looking for that perfect Sprinter that could come with its own cash flow? Twenty-four feet of pure enjoyment? If so, then look no further and seek out the Ultimate RV by Ultimate Toys. Pure and simple, it’s a game-changer. Check them out, today at UltimateToys.com

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Ultimate Toys, one of America’s largest distributors and dealers of luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, has joint-ventured with Midwest Automotive to build a selection of custom floor plans that are exclusively available through Ultimate Toys.

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